Chrome 85 Causing Login Failures

Google Chrome recently updated to Version 85.0.4183.83 on my machines, but unlike most updates, there was a rather unfortunate downside to the update. I was no longer able to log in to certain web sites. The problem manifested in two ways that I saw. One, an infinite redirect loop and two, a failed login even though I’d entered valid credentials.

The fix was not at all obvious, hence this blog post. I had to disable the “SameSite by default cookies” flag.

Chrome flag SameSite by default cookies disabled

1) Open this URL in Chrome: chrome://flags/#same-site-by-default-cookies

2) Select “Disabled” in the dropdown.

3) Restart Chrome (the entire browser, not just the tab or window)

I was able to log in to the aforementioned sites in Firefox, so my guess is the Chrome team is using their monopoly to push a more restrictive security feature that ends up breaking sites that haven’t gotten the memo. Hopefully this is a temporary fix and the flag can be enabled again once sites realize their users can’t log in with Chrome.

Cleaning Up The Web

As web pages get more cluttered, even ad blockers don’t cut it. pages are particularly hard to read with the huge notice they add on the bottom of the page, covering up the content and making it difficult to read.

My solution has continued to work surprisingly well for the past few years. It’s a bookmarklet that removes all sticky elements (ones that stay visible when you scroll).

The -sticky bookmarklet in action
The bookmarklet in action on a random page

To use it, drag the link below to your browser’s bookmarks bar then click on it whenever a web page looks a little cluttered.


Free Printable Weekly and Daily Planners

I searched high and low for free, printable PDF weekly and daily planners for my kids to be able to schedule their days and weeks. I expected to find dozens of options but was surprised to find very few. Of those few, some plastered their logos all over or declared the document could only be used by students of a particular university. Others wanted you to create an account or trade your email for the document. And others were close to what I wanted, but didn’t have 1/2 hour increments or some other small detail. It all seemed excessive for such a simple document. So I created two planners that can be freely downloaded and used for whatever purposes you can come up with.

Free Daily Planner
Download Weekly Planner

Free Daily Planner
Download Daily Planner

Happy planning!

Christmas Desktop 2018

It wouldn’t feel as much like Christmas if I didn’t update my desktop wallpaper and have a little falling snow.

My 2018 Christmas Desktop

I found the wallpaper at New Evolution Designs. Here’s the original. And the fresh falling snow is thanks to DesktopSnowOK.

Beware of Voice Phishing Scams

If a scam can fool the likes of Matt Haughey, creator of MetaFilter, it can happen to anyone. He got three calls with the caller ID of his credit union and picked up on the third. After some smooth talking they convinced him to provide his ATM card’s PIN (a huge red flag) then stole $3,400 from his account.

Brian Krebs’ blog post has the details. Bruce Schneier (a renowned security expert) echoed Brian’s recommendation.

“never give out any information about yourself in response to an unsolicited phone call.” Always call them back, and not using the number offered to you by the caller. Always.