I've collected these essays and poems that I find inspirational, thought-provoking and useful to refer back to. I think it is wise to re-evaluate our surroundings and to figure out why we think the way we do. This page is meant to aid you in that process.

college ideal - If only college was like this
education - The real meaning of education
fear - An accurate definition
franklin's 13 virtues - You would do well to live all of these
if - Becoming a man
my wages - How to succeed in life
perfect woman - Not what you think
positive attitude - The power of thought
purpose - You need to define it
rules for writers - William Safire's tongue-in-cheek rules
story about millionaires - Interesting facts about wealthy people
the road not taken - A classic Robert Frost poem
thoughts on the divine - Einstein discusses divinity

Updated Oct 25, 2016