old designs


This is a collection of all the old designs I have had over the years and how my site has changed. None of the links are meant to work, since I didn't bother changing them or trying to keep them updated. Most of them are just one page examples of what my site used to look like. There are a few exceptions, but this is mostly just to see the basic layout, not to navigate. The latest design is at the top, and they get older going down the list.

Updated Oct 25, 2016


tweedy_blue_2 - 4 Mar 2002View
I've done a lot since the last snapshot. The problem is that I keep changing things little by little, so it's hard to remember what is different. I added the sidebar on the right side to every page which contains a search box, a quote and whatever else I want. This made the main page quite simple since it's just the blog. I also changed some of the colors of the fonts, getting rid of the blue in the navigation bar. Lastly, I added multiple themes at the bottom of the page that use cookies so you can change the entire look of the site.
tweedy_blue_search - 6 Jul 2001View
This isn't too different but I added the nav stuff on the right instead of in the box (for Comments Archive and View / Add Comments) and I changed the color of the hover of those nav's so it fits in with the rest of the color scheme. Lastly, I added a search box for google.com to help people search my site. I added some more space on the front page by adding a blank column and removing the About Me box so it's not as crowded.
tweedy_blue1 - 21 Jun 2001View
I decided to try to keep the consistent parent tables across the whole site, so no matter where you are, there is a table with all the links in the section you are in on the top right of the page. I also decreased the number of items that are in the about me box. I think this works better with the dynamic news section.
tweedy_blue - 18 Jun 2001View
This change was to makes things easier to read. I had to do some fancy table stuff to get it to look right, but the news section keeps changing size, so it was hard to make things look right with the rest of the page.
tweedy_tan - 20 Apr 2001View
I added a few more tables and changed the background color to tan. I didn't keep it like this for long, but it was a good transitional design.
tweedy - 31 Jan 2001View
I got this off of oswd.org and have been very happy with it. I used the original layout and colors but have slowly been modifying it. It's clean looking, and yet works on almost any browser that supports tables, which is almost all of them now.
ocean - Apr 2000View
I got this off of a free web template site and didn't use it for very long. I liked it because it looked very nice, but it was very hard for me to make the rest of the site look like that since I'm not very skilled graphically. I thought about using it for a main page and then having a different look to the rest of the site, but I never got something I was pleased with.
new_blue - Apr 2000View
I found some web templates on the web and this color scheme looked good. I had always wanted to have the ability to do whatever I wanted on the page, instead of always being inside a table, so this design allowed nicely for that. I got sick of it pretty quickly though. At least it worked on all the browsers (except for CSS but that didn't break the page)
duo - Apr 2000View
I thought it would be cool to have a dynamic menu so I found this API for DHTML and this is what I came up with. It was very slick, but it wasn't very well supported in all browsers so that became a problem, and I wanted my site to work in all browsers possible. I was really annoying to go to a site using UNIX or Linux and not be able to use the site, so I think I was particularly aware of that problem.
dhtml - Mar 2000View
This begins my fascination with DHTML. I really liked how you didn't have to reload the page to get to every single link on the page. This was of course in the rest of the page (the blue background side bar) but I haven't been able to find that page, and I didn't want to have to rewrite it, so you'll have to use your imagination. The only problem was that if you disabled JavaScript, it wouldn't work, and there were browser compatibility problems. In fact, it may not be working right now.
blue_and_green - Apr 1999View
I've only managed to salvage half of this design, but I believe I simply changed the sidebar, leaving the main part of the page the same as it was before.
web_nav - Nov 1998View
This is the image I used for quite some time, and looking back on it I am not very pleased with it, but it seemed the best one to use at the time. I also added a navigation bar at the bottom which was inspired by the navigation bars on ibm.com. I thought it was cool to make them look like they were images, when in actuality they are just crafty tables :).
dan_title1 - Oct 1998View
This image is a lot worse. It looks like an X-ray of worms, and the text is too big for the image. Very bad, very bad indeed. Luckily, I didn't keep this for more than a day I think.
dan_title - Oct 1998View
This one is rather strange, but cool in a strange kind of way. It reminds me of the beginning and ending of the TV show Dr. Who. I like the 3D affects too.
web1 - Oct 1998View
This is another attempt at the web graphic. It doesn't look too shabby in my opinion, but it wasn't that great either.
web_title1 - Oct 1998View
I decided that the image map was too cluttered so I wanted to use The GIMP to make something that somehow related to my site and it's name. The web graphic was born, although I was never very happy with the way it turned out. I kept trying to make a better one, but I almost think they got worse as I continued my efforts. I also added a poll to my page, but it didn't get used very often.
map - May 1998View
I decided to change the side bar colors and see if I could make it more user friendly and easy to update. The fewer images there are, the easier it is to update.
green_bevel_script - Mar 1998View
I liked messing around with JavaScript, so this was an early attempt to do some mouse overs. It didn't turn out too bad, but I am not impressed with the arrows. I made them, but I didn't do a very good job of it. The big red oval is meant to include all of my interests and such in one big imagemap. I had to keep updating it when I gained new interests and after time it grew too unwieldy, but I still think it's a cool idea. Some of the images on the image map don't have a link associated to them because when I updated the image I just saved the new one and didn't keep an old one around, so you can see which ones I didn't have yet.
template3 - Oct 1997View
I added my picture on the top left. and took out the coin images. This is even weaker than template2 :)
template2 - Oct 1997View
Pretty much the same. I added some coin pictures in different places. Kind of weak now that I look back on it.
template1 - Oct 1997View
I originally built these templates for a web designer who wanted some home page templates. They weren't very good I'll admit, but what the heck, it was kind of fun to do them. I should have added some more variation too.
green_bevel - Sep 1997View
This was a really popular design back in 1997. It seems like everyone used the bevel on the left. It doesn't look too bad I don't think. I also like the select box at the top for quick navigation. The humor list I refer to at the top wasn't really that popular, but there were a few people on it. I created most of the graphics by myself, except the coin and the animated GIFs.
first - 8 Dec 1994View
When I first discovered I could get a free CS account I created a very basic web page and submitted it to Yahoo! and got a personal response that evening. This is the first page I ever did. I was using an HP-UX box and I just found pages on the web and did a view source on them to see how they did it. It was a very exciting moment when I first got my site on the web, back in December of 1994.